About us

Ceylon Latex Pvt Ltd  is a firm specializing in providing 100% Natural Latex pillows, mattresses and other connected items which comply with international standards.
We are in operation since 2004 after years of research in German technology , in order to cater to the changing world that is looking at chemical free healthier night’s sleep.

Ceylon Latex is presently providing high quality natural latex foam mattresses & pillows Locally & to 20 and more countries worldwide which include (United Kingdom, USA, UAE, Ireland, India, Spain, Finland, Cyprus, Israel, Estonia, Jordan, China, Russia, Brazil, Reunion, France) etc.

CL is fully geared to meet the demands of global & local buyers by providing ECO-FRIENDLY natural latex foam mattresses & pillows manufactured from Sri Lanka.

Quality and customer-centricity take precedence in CL’s customer relations, with an accent on developing long term relationships by CL’s solid reputation and values.

Thanks to the trust our customers and partners have placed in us we have expanded rapidly to become a growing natural latex bedding company in Sri Lanka. We look forward to your continued support and pledge our commitment to sound and reliable management of the company to provide our customers with quality products.

Nature, Our Comforter…