Ceylon latex Pvt Ltd is a firm specializing in providing 100% natural latex foam Pillows, Mattresses, Toppers, Cushions and other connected items which comply with International Standards.

what is natural LATEX?

Natural Latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants which are grown in tropical climate plantations in Sri Lanka.

Natural latex, as its name implies, is “natural” which offers many benefits for use in sleep products. Consumers that have an organic lifestyle and have made numerous changes to remove most synthetic chemicals from their household tend to purchase 100% natural formulations.


Uninterrupted sleep  as the mattresses meet the body demands


Dust mite resistance and anti microbial properties

Relief from back pain due to anti sagging technology

Proper ventilation and therefore the best choice for those suffering from asthma

Eco friendly as its made out of 100% natural latex