The NLF natural latex pillow is made of 100% natural latex from Sri Lanka, the premium cushioning material, which is superior in comfort and has its own unique feel. Softer, smoother and more resilient, it gently cushions as it correctly supports your head.


The NLF natural latex pillow uses a honeycomb inner core, with thousands of tiny interconnecting air cells breathing to prevent moisture, giving you a healthier surface to sleep on. The air circulation keeps you warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer.


This natural latex pillow is antibacterial and antifungal, making it excellent for asthma and Eczema patience. This makes it the choice for health conscious consumers and those who suffer from allergies, your new NLF latex pillow is the naturally the best value your money and buy.


NLF latex, gathered from a renewable resource through an environmentally friendly plantation of rubber in Sri lanka which are scientifically managed. Non-Toxic or ozone depleting chemicals were used during the manufacture of your Eco-Friendly pillow.

Flat Contour

This pillow is constructed to accomodate both back and side sleepers alike while providing consistent head and neck support


Length – 60

Width – 40

Thickness – 12cm/ 10cm

Firmness – Soft/ Medium/ Firm




Soft and lush pillow which provides warmth for continuous sleep for your little one


Length – 50cm

Width – 30cm

Thickness – 5.5cm

Firmness – Soft/ Medium/ Firm



E- Queen

A larger version of the standard pillow which is suitable for the frequent movers


Length – 74cm

Width – 43cm

Thickness – 12.5cm

Firmness – Soft/ Medium/ Firm




Cushions that doctors traditionally recommend and they are designed to relieve pressure on the genital and the coccyx


Length – 42cm

Width – 42cm

Thickness – 9cm

Firmness – Firm




The Pillow allows room for shoulders while you are sleeping on your side and make it easier for proper neck support with the massaging effect


Length – 56.5cm

Width – 38.5cm/ 34cm/ 38.5cm

Thickness – 12cm/ 10cm/ 12cm

Firmness – Soft/ Medium/ Firm




The convoluted surface of this pillow has a massaging effect while helping relieve pressure points along the neck and face with contour neck support


Length – 59.5cm

Width – 37.5cm

Thickness – 11cm/ 19.5cm

Firmness – Soft/ Medium/ Firm



E - Standard

Unique thru-air constructon ensures full air circulation for a fresh and refreshing night’s sleep


Length – 60cm

Width – 40cm

Thickness – 12.5cm

Firmness – Soft/ Medium/ Firm