What is Natural Latex?

Natural Latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants that are grown in tropical climate plantations in Sri Lanka.

Natural latex, as its name implies, is “natural” which offers many benefits for use in sleep products. Consumers that have an organic lifestyle and have made numerous changes to remove most synthetic chemicals from their household tend to purchase 100% natural formulations. The elasticity, healthiness, and ability of Natural Latex to conform to your body, reducing pressure on your muscles and circulation is unsurpassed. The resulting benefits and luxurious comfort simply can’t be matched by synthetic latex. However, because it is a “natural” product there are inconsistencies at the molecular level which cause Natural Latex products to wear at a faster rate than Synthetic Latex.

Natural latex foam is naturally resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mold. Since it also possesses fantastic supportive and contouring properties, it is suitable for many uses. Our high-quality latex foam is extremely dense, weighing up to 6.5 pounds per cubic foot. This means that long after normal and chemical foams collapse, latex will still hold its firmness and shape. When properly encased it should last up to 25 years!

All 100% natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees. Our NLF brand 100% natural latex not only comes from a natural source but also is FSC certified